Morning, nine o’ clock. Backo Gradiste is shining after last night's rain, washed and ready for the event "Pancake fest." The tables are set up, the pancake mixture is under the preparation, as well as spreads.

There are mostly known participants - contestants from Vojvodina, Hungary and Croatia and two new teams: "Novi Gradistanac 1 and 2".

Selvije Serifovic is leading the team “Gradistanac 1“. She’s a cheerful, confident young woman. Two daughters and two sons are around her. They are watching their mother preparing the pancake mixture. Besides her, there’s the other team - Ramadani Igbala. She’s serious and calm. The older daughterhelps her mom to arrange a buckets with spreads. Other children are watching. There is also Kurtesi Samira with 5 children. She does not know how to prepare pancakes, but wants to participate and to assist in spreading and rolling, and hoping that she will learn to make pancakes as well. 

It’s cheerful around the table. Music is “calling” for a dance. Some members of the team are dancing. Children smeared with jam and cream are jumping around the table. Older children have replaced their mothers and proudly pour mixture and turn pancakes. A boy is approaching the table and asking to buy one pancake with cream.

The event is visited by RTV Panonija. They are approaching Selvije. She introduces herself with confidence and gives a recipe for the best pancakes.

Selvija, Samira and Igbala are shining. Satisfaction is on their faces. They are joking, shouting at the kids, baking pancakes. Some pancakes are sold, too. 

The manifestation is approaching its end. The winners of some disciplines are announced. The queen of pancakes is a team from Hungary.

Selvije, Igbala and Samire are gathering their kids and greeting with the other participants. 

Perhaps this day showed them they are finally at home. 

Within regular project activities, the Danish Refugee Council as an implementing partner of the OSCE, on the project "Strengthening Initiatives for Social Inclusion of Roma families in temporary settlements in Belgrade in the local communities of the Republic of Serbia" organized the participation of Romabeneficiary families in the International Pancake festival, held on 27 June 2015 in Backo Gradiste, Becej municipality. The project is implemented in close cooperation with the Office for Human and Minority Rights in the framework of the project "Technical Assistance to the Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Strategy for improving the position of Roma in Serbia" with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).