Hatem Abdul Kerim had been travelling alone from Iraq to Greece, where he met and befriended Ali Al Abdul, Muhamed Al Muhamer and Amir Muhamed (age only 17) from Syria.  After spending more than two months in Greece’s camp in Idomeni, four young men decided to try to reach Serbia on foot. After five days of walking through Macedonia, they managed to reach Presevo RC and asked for assistance. Visibly tired, with injuries on their feet, they were escorted to the camp’s infirmary by the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration’s staff. They are planning to continue their journey towards Germany as soon as the Centre for Social Work clears Amir Muhamed, considering that he is still a minor. In case the Centre for Social Work decides to accommodate Amir Muhamed in the specialised centre for reception of unaccompanied minors, the rest of the group is willing to register as temporary guardians for their friend in order to avoid separation and continue their journey together.