Milica Ilic, 81 year old woman lived in 12, Milovana Glisica Street in Paracin with her husband who died in 2005. Since they did not have children of their own, the couple offered shelter and cordially accepted the internally displaced family Pavlovic coming from Pec, Kosovo in 1999. The four-member IDP family Pavlovic family (parents and two children) took a good care of the elderly Milica feeling safe in their new home in Paracin suburb.

Milica Ilic has mobility impairments due to serious hip deformity and manages to move only with crutches. Her closest relatives were not able to take care of her since they live far from Paracin, and this is why she fully relied to the Pavlovics. Having full trust in these people, the elderly lady decided to sign the contract on life-long care providing them in return theownership over the house. The Pavlovics have no permanent employment, but work hard in some seasonal works contributing equally to their children and elderly 's care.

A new and fully functional home will be provided for this socially vulnerable family thanks to the assistance of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia through the construction of a prefabricated house of approx. 100m2 size on the same place where the old house used to be located. The whole family is also truly happy to receive a basic set of furniture and household appliances since all their belongings were lost in the floods.

The new house will provide secure space to elderly Milica, but also carefree days of younger family members.