Miljana Nerandzic and her husband left Pristina/Prishtine in 1999 and settled in Belgrade, upon which they lived for some time in Simanovci and Novi Sad. In the displacement, the family got one more family member – the son Nikola. In 2003, Miljana's family returned to Kosovo, to the village Dobrotin/Dobratin and later to the village Gusterica/Gushterice near Pristina/Prishtine.There, they gave birth to one more son. After living eleven years in rented apartments, the family got a flat from the Kosovo Ministry of Community and Return in Laplje Selo/Llapjeselle and, in such a way, resolved their housing issue.

The family rented a small kebab shop in Gusterica/Gushterice and started generating some income. Unfortunately in 2012, Miljana's husband passed away. At that unfortunate moment, Miljana could not perform any work and the shop was closed. Thanks to the European Union donation in March 2013, Miljana was assisted by DRC with the set of fast food equipment. Miljana hopes that she will develop her job soon and generate enough income from her work to providing living means for her family.