Three-member family Cako used to live in the village Brod near Dragas/Dragash which they left in 1999. Once displaced, the family found a temporary accommodation in Kaludjerica near Belgrade. The head of the household, Isljam Cako worked as a manual labourer at construction sites earning this way the basics for his family. Isljam says that in Belgrade, they lived very hard and this was why he decided to return to his place of origin with his wife Umijana and his daughter Brenda.

Thanks to the EU funds, the family was supported in equipping their house with basic furniture and home appliances, as well as in getting a package of food and hygiene to facilitate their process of return. The thing that Isljam finds the most valuable is a car jack – an income generating grant which he realised in the project implementation and coordination with DRC.

In Dragas/Dragash, Isljam rented business premises for a car repair store in which he also had his car jack installed. By using it as a basic tool in the work process, Isljam manages to generate income for his family's basic living conditions and thus makes their return more sustainable.