In the dramatic floods wave hitting majority of areas in Serbia, Paracin Municipality was among the most affected ones with the largest damage inflicted to 2,890 objects.

The River Crnica flooded a great part of Paraćin, and in places, the height of the flooding wave was above 1.5 metres which affected immediate evacuation of majority of the affected people.

One of the many residents of Paracin who went through ordeal was Zivka Ilic, 64-year-old woman, whose household was severely damaged in the floods wave.

She came to Paracin in 1961, completed high school and worked in the textile factory. In 1977, she married Ilic Gradibor who had one son from the previous marriage. The stepson got married and in 2004 his daughter Jovana was born.

Due to a difficult family situation, the custody over Jovana was entrusted to Zivka Ilic, upon her husband’s death in 2009. Since then, Zivka has been doing everything to provide healthy and safe environment for the child, as well as the necessary means for her education. Even though the only income of the family is Zivka’s pension, ten-year-old Jovana’s basic needs have been fully met.

In May 2014, their home was completely destroyed in the floods. Their shabby and dilapidated ground flour house could not be rehabilitated, cleaned, nor disinfected. The family was forced to move into an apartment provided by Centre for Social Welfare, while expecting the construction of a new prefab unit.

Thanks to the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, Danish Refugee Council and relevant municipal authorities, this socialy vulnerable family shall be provided with decent living conditions in the newly constructed prefab house, equiped with necessary quality furniture and household appliances.