29 Jan 2015 - UB: Within the European Union program supporting recovery of floods affected areas in Serbia, DRC together with Eneca delivered to brother Tauz, small enterpreneurs from Ub Municipality, a compressor for driving source for pneumatic tools, a grinder and a set of various tools.

The Company Palma d.o.o. was founded in 1996 in Ub upon the Tauz brothers’ flee from the political conflicts in Knin, Croatia. The company is a family business engaged in manufacturing and selling of building joinery made of wood, aluminum and plastics, providing the income for 8 members of the Tauz brothers’ families, as well as for 6 other employee families.

The municipality of Ub was among the most affected by the floods in May 2014, and the greatest damage was done to the local community Crvena Jabuka. The house of the Tauz family comprising as well workshop and business premises for small carpentry production was largely affected by the raging torrents. Floods brought a large amoung of water reaching the height of 70cm in both the office premises and workshop. All tools, office equipment and installations were severely damaged or fully destroyed. As the carpentry workshop is the only source of income for this eight-member Tauz family, they pulled all their strengths to recuperate production soon after floods. This is where the advice provided by the NGO Eneca team meant a lot for this business quick reconsolidation process.

Thanks to the EU Delegation to Serbia, Danish Refugee Council and the organization ENECA the company Palma has been rehabilitated and ready to provide better services to both former and new customers.