Mile Popović: “I can say that I feel as if I won the lottery or as if I were in a fairytale”

Mile and his family fled from a remote village Bestrma, near Petrinja municipality in Croatia and immediately came to Cacak municipality. As their son Dragan suffered from a heart disease, the family could no longer remain in the collective center where they were initially accomodated, but opted for a hard tenant life. After eleven years, they bought a plot of land in the village Mrsinci. Out of their modest resources, they hardly managed to build up a small, undignified housing object of bare 30 m2 accommodating Mile, Zeljka, their three small children, as well as Mile’s illness stricken father, Ljubisa.

The family lives mostly from the earnings Mile makes out of his hard labour in the woods where he works with two horses, which he is very proud of.

Mid 2010, the family applied for the project designed to improve the living conditions of refugees and IDPs, funded by UNHCR, and received the assistance in the form of a prefabricated house. Mile doesn’t hide his excitement over the sudden change in his life, and says that he feels as if he were in a fairytale.