Andrija and his family fled from Suvi Do, Lipljan, Kosovo in 1999 and after many years the family could not find the prospects of returning into the place of origin. For this reason, the family decided to remain in Plocice, near Kovin Municipality living in a rented shabby and dilapidated house.

Out of their low means, in 2008, they managed to buy a house in a very bad construction shape, which they had no funds to rehabilitate for decent living (it needed roof construction repair, electricity connections, doors and windows, floors and a bathroom). With the possibility of being assisted with IPA 2008 building material package, the family started the renovation of this housing object. As the family lives in devastating financial conditions (none of the family members is permanently employed) Andrija, being a locksmith himself, was granted with the EU-funded income-generation grant (a welding machine, a grinder and a set of locksmith tools).

He offers his craftsmanship services to village residents and earns some money which the family uses for basic needs and minor works on the house. And finally, with the first days of spring, Andrija, Zivka and their three children have entered the premises of their newly rehabilitated house-home in their full possession.

As the family Dimic has three minor children to support in (pre) school grades, it is still in such a vulnerable state, that the follow up of DRC, the Commissariat for Refugees, Municipality Kovin and NGO Bozur (DRC implementing partner for IGA component) is still needed.