Supporting IDPs interested in return to Kosovo - funded by UNHCR

Focus area

Conducting of needs assessment of approximately 1200 IDP families who have already expressed a wish to return and families who will during the comprehensive needs assessment exercise express an interest to return to Kosovo; media coverage through participation in four radio shows in Serbia proper; organisation of training/workshops for IDP association and relevant stakeholders.




The Overall Objective of the Project is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable durable solutions for the displaced population in Serbia by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment exercise that will support relevant stakeholders to create strategies and advocate for the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The Specific Objective of the Project is to contribute to the enhancement of the ability of relevant stakeholders to advocate and design joint programming to support durable solutions for displaced persons through the identification and analysis of IDPs' specific needs and priorities.

The present Project will address the priority needs of the IDPs in Serbia, that have expressed their wish to return to Kosovo, aiming at contributing to the achievement of their durable solutions, by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment.

Authorities involved

Office for Kosovo and Metohija
Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia
Local Trusties
UNHCR Serbia
UNHCR Kosovo


Approximately 1200 internally displaced families


IDP associations Bozur, Sveti Spas and Zavicaj za povratak