Empowering Roma community for socioeconomic development and environmental protection in the City of Kraljevo - funded by EUD

Focus area

Empowering labour force of Roma population through business advisory,  vocational training and mentorship between potential employers and up to 55 target beneficiaries with special emphasis on environmental protection economy; supporting employment and self-employment of Roma and raising awareness and improving decision making process through defining and upgrading the Local Action Plan for Roma


Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia


The Overall Objective of the Action is to support marginalized and disadvantaged groups and local community to actively participate in the socioeconomic development and environmental protection in the City of Kraljevo.

The Specific Objective of the Action is to improve employability and income-stream opportunities for most disadvantaged groups through economic diversification and environmental protection; The Local Self-government, public and private sector in the City of Kraljevo will promote decision making process and socioeconomic initiatives for social inclusion of Roma with special emphasis of Roma youth without parental care coming out of institutional support.


55 most disadvantaged and marginalized individuals, three Roma local settlements, four public institutions and civil services, two LNGOs, four micro & small-scale pilot cooperatives, two Roma Field Facilitators and decision makers interested in employment of Roma.


City of Kraljevo