Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons in Serbia - funded by UNHCR

Focus Area

Contribution to the achievement of durable solutions for the displaced population in Serbia, by enhancing their housing conditions and access to health care, as well as by provision of reliable information and assistance related to the return process to Kosovo.


United Nations High Commesioner for Refugees (UNHCR)


The specific objectives of the Project are the following:

  • Peaceful coexistence with local communities promoted
  • Population lives in satisfactory conditions of sanitation and hygiene
  • Services for persons with specific needs strengthened
  • Potential for voluntary return realised

- Providing displaced families and elderly households with financial, in-kind and housing support through Household Merging Initiative component;

- 42 Roma IDP families living in Subotica or other potential sites will be supported to improve their living conditions by building sanitation facilities or by house upgrading;

- Improved access to health care services for EVI IDPs: some 550 especially vulnerable IDPs will be assisted with medicines/medical services/medical devices once or several times during the year, based on priority needs and available funding;

- The cross-boundary/return-oriented component of this project represents the main vehicle for IDPs currently living in Serbia to access non-biased information on Kosovo and on their rights, through various cross-boundary mechanisms and initiatives. 14 Go and See Visits (GSVs)/Return-Facilitation Dialogs (RFDs), 8 return-oriented/informative meetings and 2 transports of returnees and their belongings will be organised through the Project, as well as active participation of IDP representatives in Municipality Working Group (MWG)/Task Force (TF) meetings in Kosovo.


Internaly displaced persons and vulnerable domicile families


Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Republic of Serbia
Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations of the Republic of Serbia
Ministry of Health Republic of Serbia, Health Insurance Fund
Municipal Authorities, Local Trustees and Centres for Social Welfare of the Republic of Serbia
UNHCR Kosovo, Kosovo authorities, Ministry for Communities and Returns, Kosovo Police and KFOR

Implementing partners

Society for Peace, Development and Ecology (SPDE)
Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation (EHO)