Workshop on elimination of violence against women

On 25 November, for the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Danish Refugee Council conducted a workshop in RAP Sid on prevention and protection from violence against women. A total of 20 women participated in the workshop. During the workshop, women were acquainted with the phenomenon of violence against women (definition and forms of violence), the most common reasons why women do not seek help, what are their rights as migrant/refugee women and to whom to report violence inside and outside of the camp (state institutions and organizations responsible for provision of protection against violence).  

The group recognised almost all forms of violence and, unfortunately, it was based on their personal experience. They were informed about their rights and how to exercise those rights. For them, it was very important to understand the distinction between the secular state and religion and available protection mechanisms. In general, the participants showed interest in the topic, they had a lot of questions and were interested in participation in similar activities. Also, the participants suggested organising a similar workshop for the men in Sid RAP.

Danish Refugee Council, supported by the European Commission department for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), organises Information Sessions and Workshops within the regular protection activities in the reception centres in Serbia.