Working Hard on the Rehabilitation of Flood-affected Households and Businesses

Within the EU funded program “EU Assistance for Flood Relief in Serbia,” DRC has concentrated all its efforts on proper implementation of the program activities targeted the reconstruction of 231 individual housing objects and construction of 18 prefabricated houses. Rehabilitation of 78 small scale business activities in six flooded municipalities in Serbia has been conducted by the DRC’s partner in the program, LNGO “Eneca”.

Up to date, DRC has supported the total number of 868 persons affected by severe foods wave in May 2014 providing them with decent living conditions through reconstruction of individual housing objects, construction of prefabricated houses and equipping with basic sets of furniture and home appliances.

In the implementation of program activities, DRC has strengthened its cooperation with FAAARO and Local Self-governments providing as well opportunities for infrastructure connections of newly built houses to public utility networks. The first five prefabs have been connected to local infrastructure in Paracin this month creating all the necessary conditions for beneficiary families to move-in. The other families will soon follow.

With the efforts of the DRC program partner "Eneca", the EU funds were wisely used to support 78 businesses/280 persons benefiting with business equipment, production material and reconstruction of business premises.