The Third EU-funded SHSE Building in Raca Municipality is to be Built for the Residents of Collective Centre "Karadjordjev Dom"

The Official Ground Breaking Ceremony was held in Raca on 20 April 2015, announcing the commencement of construction works on Social Housing in Supportive Environment Building for the accommodation of 15 internally displaced and refugee domicile families who have been living in the collective centre 'Karadjordjev dom' for years.

This will be the third SHSE building to have been built in Raca by Danish Refugee Council thanks to the EU funding (through IPA 2007, IPA 2011 and current IPA 2012) assisting a total of 42 families of refugees, internally displaced and domicile vulnerable population with dignified housing solutions. The approximate value of this building containing the total of 15 apartments and additional room for social gatherings, all equipped with basic furnishing will be EUR300.000,00.

Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, as well as the Raca Municipality and Centre for Social Welfare "Sumadija", Batocina have offered all necessary support to Danish Refugee Council in the implementation of these activities, with the aim of providing decent housing solutions for those who have been living in the harsh conditions of the collective center for years.

Danish Refugee Council and Humanitarian Centre for Integration and Tolerance have also assisted the families to obtain personal documents necessary for participation in the project, as well as to prepare for independent living conditions in this type of housing solution.