DRC Protection Workshops Aiming at Enhancing Protection Response to Refugees in Serbia

Danish Refugee Council Serbia has held three day Protection Workshops in Belgrade, within the project „Emergency Humanitarian Aid and Protection Response to Refugees in Serbia“ funded by European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO).

Protection Workshops brought together all protection officers from the field, as well as protection officers from DRC Macedonia. This was the occasion to have all different teams in one room and start learning the basics of protection and protection monitoring. Protection Adviser Brennan Webert from DRC Copenhagen compiled a very interesting training session, which encompassed both theoretical and practical aspects of protection and displacement. Indeed, it was very useful to have Brennan visiting the Reception Center in Presevo the days before to understand the main features of the influx of refugees and migrant to Serbia.

The first day was mostly theoretical, while the second day, through practical exercise and exchange of views, information and strategies, Protection officers had the chance to understand and discuss joint strategies and approaches to the different problems they are facing. The third day was dedicated to organizing the activity and refocusing on the targets and indicators that the project needs to comply with. Taxi drivers and bus drivers along the route of refugees have been identified as the main spoilers, i.e. those who mostly illegally profit from the refugees. Protection officers need to confront with them on the field keeping the balance between not upsetting the local community, where these spoilers come from, while at the same time ensuring that information is provided.