Reconstruction of 152 households in Obrenovac

Obrenovac, 26 September 2016 – Thanks to the European Union Programme supporting the recovery of floods affected areas in Serbia, Danish Refugee Council (DRC) signed the Donation agreements with additional 152 families from Obrenovac whose homes will be renovated in the upcoming period. The reconstruction of a total of 506 houses has been planned through the activities of DRC in the municipality of Obrenovac and out of this number around 300 objects have already been renovated.

The reconstruction of additional 152 housing objects is starting at the end of this year and will be finalised in the first months of 2017. DRC is also working on the construction of new six prefabricated houses in the municipality of Obrenovac and these will be equipped with basic furniture and home appliances.

In addition, through the partner activities of the NGO ENECA, this EU-funded programme supports the rehabilitation of 52 small and 54 medium-sized enterprises in Obrenovac and Paracin, as well as 38 small agricultural producers.