Orlando Bloom Visited UNICEF/DRC Child-Friendly Spaces in Presevo and Belgrade

As a part of his visit of refugees currently based in Serbia, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Orlando Bloom visited the Child - Friendly Space in Presevo in the One-Stop Refugee Centre and the Child - Friendly space in Belgrade in hotel Bristol, on 30th September 2015.

During the visit Mr. Bloom greeted refugee children, played and talked with them about their journey and their concerns and hopes for the future.

He also visited the Breastfeeding corner in the Child – Friendly Space - dedicated to providing counselling on breast feeding and children nutrition.

In September DRC as a partner of UNICEF opened a Child – Friendly Space in Presevo in the One-Stop Refugee Centre and a Child – Friendly Space in hotel Bristol in Belgrade. Bearing in mind that children and their mothers are among the most vulnerable refugees and in need of special attention, the Child Friendly Space offers them relevant information on their rights and on protection issues, as well as advisory support about child health, nutrition, and hygiene and safety measures. The children are engaged in educational and recreational activities coordinated by Child Facilitators, while mothers are provided with psycho-social support and counselling by the Child Protection Officers and the representatives from the Ceters for Social Welfare.

Danish Refugee Council Serbia is highly dedicated to providing needed support to refugees and persons likely in need for international protection who are currently in Serbia. DRC is intensively engaged in shelter and wash interventions aiming at improving the reception conditions in the various recently opened Refugee Aid Points in the country, health care, protection including child protection, information dissemination, provision of food and NFIs and planning winterization support.