Opening of Child Friendly Space in Dimitrovgrad

Dimitrovgrad Reception Centre is a small recently opened centre in east Serbia, where some 70 refugees are housed. Although small, both in size and in numbers of beneficiaries – Dimitrovgrad Centre is providing refuge for a surprisingly large number of children, around 50. Danish Refugee Council has established Child-Friendly Space funded by UNICEF, and is planning to establish Mother and Baby Corner in order to provide assistance to children and their caretakers.  

Child-Friendly Space is not just a space; it is a programme where children can participate in organised activities like play or learning, and expressing themselves in addition to implementing indoor and outdoor activities.

CFS is an environment in which children feel comfortable and where the camp routine is broken by simulative structured activities. Plans exist, that as soon as infrastructure permits, DRC UNICEF teams begin to implement non-formal education program in an effort to develop skills and values, while respecting the diversity of beneficiaries, different educational background and different interests.

DRC project “Child Friendly Spaces – support to refugee children”, funded by UNICEF has provided assistance to 68605 children and 27569 mothers/caretakers in six cities in Serbia from September 2015 to November 2016.