DRC increases reception capacities in support to winterisation plan

Supporting the Government of the Republic of Serbia in increasing accommodation capacities for refugees and migrants, DRC launched winterisation rehabilitation and construction works, within the project “Enhancing Protection and Humanitarian Aid in FYROM and Serbia”, funded by ECHO.

The rehabilitation works were completed in RC Divljana (Bela Palanka), enabling adequate accommodation conditions for persons of concern. Two sleeping pavilions were fully rehabilitated and equipped with necessary bed supplies and furniture, allowing accommodation of 220 persons in need. Furthermore, DRC completed rehabilitation works on kitchen, dining, social and sanitary premises, followed by provision of necessary laundry and kitchen equipment and furniture.

Accommodation capacities in TC Sombor were raised for additional 68 persons, through the construction of two prefabricated units, performed by DRC’s implementing partner – Housing Center. Apart from the sleeping pavilion, sanitary block and kitchen and dining area have been fully equipped, improving the overall accommodation conditions in the TC.

In response to the harsh winter conditions and dire state of refugees and migrants sleeping rough in Belgrade centre, the government authorities set up new temporary reception capacities in Obrenovac in January 2017. Supporting the urgent preparation of reception capacities, DRC provided necessary bed supplies. In total, 485 bunk beds and basic furniture were delivered to RC Obrenovac and set up for reception of 970 persons.