New Year’s shows in Presevo and Bujanovac

Presevo – New Year’s show was organised on the 30 December 2016. During the whole month of December, children were rehearsing several choreographies, songs and reciting.  The show was held in Child Friendly Space and all the parents, cousins and friends were invited. The children were very happy, willing to participate and to show to their parents what they have learned. On the other hand, the parents were proud to see their children participating all together in this event.

Bujanovac – New Year’s show was organised in a similar way on the 31st of December 2016 after one month of rehearsing. The event was held in front of the Child Friendly Space in the hall. A number of smaller children started spontaneously to dance and skip around; the parents were clapping and laughing, and everybody was enjoying.

During the whole month on both locations, children were making New Year’s decorations, ornaments, big Santa Clause, reindeer, sledge etc, and all the children and parents were delighted to take pictures in front of these decorations.